Official paperwork, bureaucracy and the fear of the unknown.

Today, I went to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office to renew our visa with Jess and our little boy.

Everything went very smoothly. The only pain was the 2.5 hour wait outside of the office in the ambiguously comfortable weather. We nursed on ice lattes to numb our misery.

The whole experience was a cakewalk, really, but I was anxious throughout it.

Official paperwork and bureaucracy saps life out of me like when the plug is pulled while you’re still in the Matrix. It’s irrational, but I get anxious every time I deal with official paperwork and bureaucracy.

I do my “what’s the worst that can happen” exercise whenever I feel anxious. The worst case scenario is never so bad.

This summer, I received the worst case scenario in Osaka trying to get a certain visa for entering Thailand. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, and my trip to Osaka was futile. The funny thing is, I was more miserable waiting to turn in my documents than when I received the bad news. I was actually super relieved to receive the news, no matter how bad it was.

So I’ve concluded that the anxiety stems from the fear of the unknown, which is so silly. The unknown is within the confines of what I do know, so there’s no reason for anxiety. Irrational. Silly. No more.

I’m excited for my next bout with official paperwork and bureaucracy.

I hope to come out victorious with no worries in my heart.