Let’s get crafty.

I’m not one to follow every whiff of trend that blows my way.

I never got any ear rings, I never got any tattoos, and I didn’t know what Lady Gaga was for a couple years.

I do, however, like the trend of people taking pride in being crafty and others appreciating the extra dose of craftiness.

You see it in Etsy, the booming craft beer industry and the artisan coffee scene.

I’m totally caught up in this trend.

Take making coffee for instance. Rather than just pushing a button without a thought as to how the coffee is made, I love going through each process manually, knowing what I do has a direct impact on the flavor I bring out. I am fascinated by the whole process and hope to learn more.

Pillows used to be something I bought once a decade. Now, they’re cute, fluffy things Jess makes with some fabric and a sewing machine.

I welcome this trend of craftiness. I think it’s great that people are getting their hands dirty and taking ownership over the things they make and consume. I really like the idea of infusing a little more humanity into everyday things. When I hand-grind the beans and make pour-over coffee, I invest a little bit of myself into that pot.

Take it from my friend Bay, who takes pride in every drip of coffee he crafts for his customers. If you’re in Chiang Mai, check out Bay’s Cafe. He makes great coffee.