tasty loose leaf tea

Have a cup of tea.

Before I was a coffee guy, before I was a beer guy, and before I was a chocolate milk guy, I was always a tea guy.

Besides water, I’ve probably drank more tea than anything else in my life.

I love them all, but my favorites are green tea and sanpin tea from Okinawa. My grandparents always had oolong and I like darjeeling (partly because of the Wes Anderson movie). I like tea cold and I like tea hot. I like it bitter better than sweet, but sweet tea’s not so bad. I like it in the South and I like it on my island. Before work, during the day, after some soccer and before bedtime, I can always go for a good cup of tea.

It hydrates me, it gives me energy, and it’s healthy. Win-win-win.

So have a cuppa tea.