I loved Dragonball.

There was a time when I absolutely loved Dragonball. I owned the whole set from when Goku had his monkey tail all the way until (spoiler alert) he defeated Majin Boo. I prided myself on knowing Dragonball trivia better than anyone I knew.

After graduating high school, I held on to this infatuation with Dragonball. It must have been some kind of Peter Pan Syndrome. As the years went by, I continued my love affair even as my actual interest in Dragonball subsided. I liked the idea of being a Dragonball guru but I did not care so much for the manga anymore.

This seems to be a trend in my life. I used to love playing soccer more than anything, but one day, I realized I loved the idea of playing soccer more than actually playing it. It kind of hurt, because I was no longer that “soccer guy” that I have been for a majority of my life.

It’s an identity issue. I still love the game of soccer, but my identity does not rely on it. I’ll still pick up an issue of Dragonball for a fun read, but I don’t have to be an expert.

I’m focusing more on being honest with myself. I want authenticity in my life, and I don’t want to aspire to be someone I’m clearly not interested in being. God has put innate desires and talents in me, so I want to capitalize on those.

I think self-awareness is important, and the first step towards understand myself is to be honest. It’s okay that I loved Dragonball, and I don’t anymore. I have other more important things in my life that command my attention. Life just goes on, and I’m loving it.

Thanks, Goku, for the fun times. I’ll miss your kamehamehas. Tell Vegeta I said hey.