The virtues of ignorance.

I listened to a podcast today on my walk with Elliot from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series. It was a talk given by a woman named Liz Wiseman, who is an expert in leadership and the author of the book Multipliers.

In the talk, Wiseman stressed the virtues of not knowing.

According to Wiseman, leaders who have an unassuming, humble approach to work are more likely to bring the best out of their coworkers and employees. Since they do not act as if they know it all, they tend to lean on the talents and knowledge of those around them. These leaders who have embraced the power of not knowing are able to innovate in their work, as they do not solely rely on experience and traditions.

I agree with most of what Wiseman has to say in her lecture. She noted that people should not find jobs in which they are qualified in, which I feel is a bit over the top. However, I agree with her message of the need to challenge ourselves to be in positions in which we may not be comfortable, in order to tap into the power of not knowing.

Nonetheless, it is an interesting lecture, and if you have an hour to spare — you should definitely check it out.

You can see the video here,

or you can download or stream the audio version here.