Thirty days, thirty posts.

I blogged daily for the last thirty days.

My goal was to blog everyday for thirty days, mostly just to see if I can do it. It was an exercise to practice consistency and express creativity. I enjoyed writing, drawing, taking photos and shooting videos for the blog.

There were several posts I wish I would have spent more time on. There were some ideas I wanted to explore further. Some posts I wanted to take my time polishing. So I am going to focus less on daily content and more on the quality of the content. I don’t have any new, groundbreaking ideas, but I think I have some unique angles and experiences that may interest a few people.

I am humbled and honored that people took time out of their days to read this blog. To those of you: thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and attention. ありがとうございます。

If you have any comments, please post them below. I would love to hear what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you would like to see more of on this blog.

Thanks for checking out this halfsie’s musings. またね!

identity and labeling myself

If I label myself a superhero, do I have to save the world?

I hesitate labeling myself. I hesitate calling myself an entrepreneur, business person, writer, videographer, website designer, grill master, etc.

I don’t want to seem pretentious, knowing other people are out there with the same label who are better than me. There are expectations that come with labels, and I fear being labeled a poser. I fear being judged by others as a wannabe. If I don’t have those labels, I can be the one readily judging. I can breathe easier. It’s comfortable. It’s safe, and I still do decent work.

The thing is, I don’t want to settle with “decent work.” I want to be producing my sharpest, best work. I need to learn that it’s okay to label myself entrepreneur, or writer, if that is what I aspire to be. I can be bad at it. Of course I won’t be the best at first, but I need to fight for it. Labeling myself can give me a vision of who I want to be and how to get there.

I am an entrepreneur. Even typing that up took effort. I guess it takes practice. I’m not a good one now, but that’s okay. Coming to grips with that is freeing, but the real work starts now. I have a vision of the kind of entrepreneur I want to be. I will strive towards that and refine myself as I go. I’ll aim high, and do my best.

So, if you feel like your label should be superhero, do you have to save the world? Well, not right away. But you can start by helping one person at a time.


Ira Glass, the host of the “This American Life” podcast from NPR, talks about creative work in the video below. His thoughts on taste and doing lots of work is encouraging and inspiring.